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5 of the best gift ideas for teenagers

With the schools breaking up for the summer and exam results season just around the corner, there's a chance that you'll be in need of a gift for a teenager. When it comes to buying gifts for teens, you might be tempted to go down the cash route and add a couple of twenty-pound notes to their cards, but buying an actual gift is a more thoughtful approach.

To give you a helping hand, we've put together five of the best gift ideas for today's teenagers. Whether they're celebrating a birthday, an A-star exam result or just need a pick-me-up, these gifts are sure to go down a treat and put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces!



Let's face it: most teenagers like chocolate. If you're looking for a simple gift idea that isn't going to cost the earth, then some confectionery from a company such as Confectionaire is a sensible idea. Whether it's a simple bar of luxurious milk chocolate or something a little fancier, like some chocolate-coated honeycomb or chocolate lollipops, you'll be able to find it all right here to purchase on our website. Indeed, we can even create a custom confectionery package to suit your needs, personalised to the tastes of the recipient and presented in a smart black box.

If you're super organised and want to get ready for the festive season, then you could even check out some of our Christmas chocolate gifts. Orders can be placed in advance with delivery guaranteed before the Christmas rush, giving you one less thing to worry about. It may seem premature, but Christmas will soon be here, so the sooner you start planning, the better!


iPhone X

If you've got money to spend and you want to treat your teenager to something really special, then you'd struggle to go wrong with a new iPhone X. The high-end device may cost around a thousand pounds, but it's jam-packed with features like facial recognition, cool Animoji, two 12 megapixel cameras and a bionic chip that makes mobile gaming a breeze. It's the ultimate gadget for teens and it's sure to score you some brownie points. The hardest part is deciding which colour to buy!

Something to bear in mind, however, is that the next version of Apple’s flagship phone is set to be released this September, so it may be worth holding out if you’re not in an immediate rush.



Cosmetics companies like The Body Shop, Lush and BKind make for great gift ideas for both girls and boys. Bath bombs, like Lush's Intergalactic (peppermint, grapefruit oil, cedarwood oil, vetivert oil) and Cheer Up Buttercup (lime oil, neroli oil) not only look fantastic, but they are soft on the skin and smell delicious. Body butter and shower creams, on the other hand, like The Body Shops' new Banana range, are another option, or you could even choose a gift set to give your loved one a range of products like hand creams, body mists, body scrubs and much more.


A novelty gift

Finding an original gift that puts a smile on a teenager’s face may sound like a hard task, but sometimes a good old-fashioned novelty present can do the job. There are hundreds of novelty ideas to choose from, whether it’s an inflatable zimmer frame, a potty piano, a retro snow cone maker or unicorn slippers. The chances are, if it makes them laugh and it’s on trend, you’re on to a winner. You can find a host of novelty gifts on sites like Find Me a Gift and PrezzyBox.



The way we consume content has changed a lot in recent years, with many of us shunning commercial TV services in favour of Netflix and Amazon Prime. So much so, in fact, that for many teenagers, the idea of spending a night in front of terrestrial television would seem like an alien concept. One of the simplest gift ideas for teenagers is a subscription, whether it's to an entertainment package like Now TV or YouTube, or a music streaming service like Apple Music or Spotify. The chances are that they'll already be subscribed, but a six-month gift card will help to save them some money.

Alternatively, you could consider a subscription box. Beauty boxes such as Glossybox and Birchbox are increasingly popular amongst teenage girls. MonthlyTeeClub, on the other hand, is the perfect gift for a young man, promising a new t-shirt delivered to their door once a month for £9.99.


If a delicious chocolate gift is still at the top of your list, don't hesitate to get in touch with the confectionery experts here at Confectionaire. We offer a wide range of luxury confectionery designed to put a smile on any teenager's face, whatever the occasion. We look forward to helping you find the perfect treat.