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How to transform your guest experience on a budget

From the moment a guest arrives at your hotel to the second they leave, it's your responsibility to ensure they have a comfortable and relaxing stay. Going the extra mile and giving guests value for their money can encourage positive reviews and repeat visits, so thinking about guest experience at every opportunity is a wise business move. Below, we've put together just some of the ways you can make your guests' stay more memorable without breaking the bank.


Upgrade your bedding

Your beds are, without doubt, one of the most important assets in your hotel or guest house, so making sure they’re topped with the most luxurious of bedding can make all the difference. Splashing out on cotton bedding and duck feather duvets may set you back a couple of hundred pounds per room, but they’ll last for at least a couple of years and help to deliver that finishing touch that guests will love. And if your guests have a great night's sleep, they’ll want to book their return trip before you’ve had the chance to wave them off after checkout.


Install smart room controls

When your guests check in and head to their rooms, they'll want to relax and make themselves feel warm and comfortable - especially if it's late at night or they've spent the day travelling. One of the best ways to enable your guests to create an environment to suit their needs is to install smart room controls, allowing guests to adjust the climate of the room, turn on the lights, look through your room service menu or even open the curtains. Thanks to Smart Home Tech on iOS or Amazon Alexa, it's never been easier to make all that a reality. Consider installing a tablet device in each room for room management, or even creating a custom app for your hotel.


Include a confectionery box

Those complimentary packets of shortbread you find when you go to a hotel not only ensure you have a warm welcome but give you a reason to remember your stay. Cheap biscuits and coffee sachets just won’t cut it, so if you want to take your in-room experience to the next level, consider offering guests a complimentary box of chocolates or sweets to take with them when they head home. Perfect for helping guests celebrate events, welcoming VIPs to your hotel or simply showing patrons that you want them to have a good time, our hospitality confectionery is the perfect welcome gift. And because guests can take boxes home with them, it creates a memento that increases satisfaction.


Remove WiFi charges

You wouldn’t dream of charging your guests extra for water, linen or electricity, so don’t make them cough up extra cash for use of your WiFi facilities. You’re responsible for paying your WiFi bill whether one guest or one hundred guests pay a nominal fee, so consider cutting the charge altogether and offering guests a complimentary service. An incredible 64% of hotels now offer free Wi-Fi; industry-wide, half of all customers spend more money when they're given free Wifi, so it's a small price and might even encourage guests to splash the cash in your hotel bar!

If you do have to charge for Wifi in your hotel or bed and breakfast, then consider offering a free limited service, and allowing guests to upgrade to a premium service with faster speeds. And to make returning guests feel even more welcome, you could offer the premium service for free.


Add wireless charging capabilities

Wireless charging has been a thing for a couple of years, now, but it was only when the iPhone 8 and iPhone X was released last year that the technology really took off. If you want to appeal to business travellers and tech-savvy guests, then consider installing wireless charging pads in your hotel rooms to spare guests from having to bring their own chargers. You can mention the fact that you offer wireless charging capabilities on your website to act as a unique selling point.

The best part about adding wireless charging pads to your bedside tables is that they can be used by all modern smartphones, not just iPhones, and they remove the need for installing plug sockets by your beds. What’s more, wireless charging pads can be cheaper than you think; a basic model from IKEA, which you can drill directly into bedside cabinets, retails for just £10.


Serve breakfast in bed

Business travellers and time-conscious guests regularly choose to pay for room service, as it allows them to catch up on work or unwind without having to dress up for dinner. If you want to improve your guest experience without breaking the bank, then extend this service to your breakfast offering, allowing guests to enjoy a continental offering in their rooms.

Not only does it improve the level of service you offer to your guests, but it reduces the traffic in your dining room, making it easier for your chef to prepare meals. What’s more, if you limit your room service breakfast to continental only, guests won’t opt for the expensive cooked products.


At Confectionaire, we offer a wide range of luxury confectionery to make your guests’ stay go down a treat. To find out more about the delicious products designed especially for the hospitality industry, get in touch today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.