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Are you interested in Confectionaire? We’ve put together reasons why you should choose us in this post.

Our delicious and tempting Chocolate Bars and Lollies can be found on our Chocolate page

Our delicious and tempting Chocolate Bars and Lollies can be found on our Chocolate page

Why Confectionaire?

Our Story

At Confectionaire, our passion is twofold:

1.    We want to provide hospitality confectionery, to hoteliers, B&B business owners and owners of self-catering accommodation in the UK to ensure they have access to our special confectionery gift collections that will add that extra special element to their customer experience. 

2.   We hope to further build upon our network of event managers, party planners, wedding organisers, media and PR companies to ensure that every event they host offers beautiful, joyous and luxury confectionery gifts for their attendees. 

Here is our story:

The unique Confectionaire brand was born out of a true passion and affection for confection.

At Confectionaire, we savour the luxurious. We understand that special occasions call for something with that extra taste and sparkle. We are proud of being able to share our discoveries and indulgent ideas with you. Every ounce of passion and every gram of knowledge about all things confection are poured with true heart into our business.

Our founders ‘Master Confectionaires’ adored desserts and treats. They knew the value of true experimentation with food and flavour in a luxurious dessert and often joked that they would rather have three courses of order to explore and indulge in a range of truly memorable confections. 

Confectionaire is keen to transform the idea of sweet treats. The establishment of our exclusive collections where our customers have access to a variety of sweet indulgences came as a natural reaction to the true lack of high quality options as well as the fact that there only seemed to be savoury options available.

We invite all fellow lovers of sweet treats to find out more about our beautiful collections that they can enjoy alone or share with others.